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v.a. Get Back The Discharged Arrow LP

Another japanese compilation with the awe-inspiring Crück on it! They are definitely among my favorites when it comes to late eighties thrash bands from Japan: super fast, primitive and catchy with a cool singer! Hell, yeah! Me♀ss are more metallic; one of their songs (Wreck Of Maggot) even sounds so rocking, it could almost have been written by bands like Mustang or Clown. Mad Conflux definitely have the most vicious production on this LP. Their compressed sound makes their thrashing sound even more urgent and ominous. Last are Acid whose songs are the most punky (and who sound almost tame compared to the rest…).

What arrow?

Gastunk – Dead Song LP

„Dead Song“, Gastunk’s first LP from 1985, has the same strange-yet-great mixture of hardrock, heavy metal, punk and hardcore as the rest of their early releases. Since I‘ve already praised Gastunk’s greatness in my earlier posts…

…this will have to do for today!

Assault – Martyrdom 7″

Is it too lazy of me to simply call this 2001 release of Assault „7 inches of awesome Burning Spirits hardcore“? It probably is, so I‘ll try a little harder: the title track „Martyrdom“ is a four minute epos complete with „melodic“ thrashing, a melancholy bridge and a great, show-offy solo. The tracks on side B are one thrasher of almost two minutes and one dark, ominous monster with kinda complex song structures. Still to lazy? Damn.

But why did they use greek letters?

Aburadako – S/T 7″

How the hell do you describe a band as weird, dark, nutty and wild as あぶらだこ? „Sometimes they play simple yet wild punkrock mixed with a little bit of hardcore, then again lots of post punk and atonal dirges, occasionally with Crass-style drumming and always with a shrieking singer?“ What the fuck’s that supposed to mean? How does is sound? Aaargh! Anyways, this is their awesome first flexi 7″ from 1983 on ADK records, and it’s the most accessible thing they ever did. Everything after their self-titled 12″ from 1984 is crazy avantgarde stuff that’s way too heavy for me…

Did I mention that the cover is too small for the 7″?

Phaidia – S/T flexi 7″

This single sided flexi from has two songs good quality live recordings of a Phaidia show in October 1984. One song („Demons In The Basement“) would later also be released on their In The Dark LP. If you‘re into Gothic and Death Rock…

…this is for you!

Confuse – ST Bootleg LP

This record is one more indication that Confuse might really be „the most widely bootlegged Japanese band“. It compiles the tracks off the „Nuclear Addicts“ flexi, „Stupid Life“ 12″, „Kill The…“ bootleg 7″, Jisatsu Omnibus 8″, „Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie“ 7″, „Death To A God“ bootleg 7″, „Atrocious Madness“ bootleg 7″ plus tracks off some CD bootlegs: a bootleg of originals and other bootlegs!
The booklet also mentions the „Spending Loud Night“ 7″, but the tracks on this LP are different versions.

Bootlegged at the bootleg…

etæ – All Possibilities Will Come From There LP

Naming themselves after lowest caste of feudal japan, etæ only released two 7″es and a number of compilation tracks. Side A of this 2011 compilation has their 7″es which are the most awesome mix of Crude’s HC anthems (they shared a band member after all) and Maiden’s dual guitar leads. This shit has got to be heard to be truly believed, it IS that great! Side B has their earlier compilation tracks which were recorded with a different singer. They are less melodic, dirtier and more direct.

Rotten to the core!