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R.U.G. – Deathly Fighter 7″

What can be even more awesome than a band that names itself after a band member (who’s not even the singer)? The Randy Uchida Group can, without a doubt! Centered around GISM’s guitarist (and wearing the most outlandish clothing you could imagine!), their only official release was this incredible 7″ from 1984. The two songs „Deathly Fighter“ and „Crazy Bomber“ are both very eighties heavy metal complete with soprano wailing, loads of tapping and long solos with melancholic guitar harmonies. It’s obvious that Randy Uchida liked to show just what crazy shit he could pull of, so his playing here is even more over the top than with GISM. There’s also a 12″ bootleg of this 7″ with some live tracks added, but apparently the source for the boot were some low kbps mp3s, so the the quality is said to be really bad.

Leather, fishnets, studs and mascara!

The Gaia + No. 1 7″

There’s not much that I know about The Gaia, and apart from their track on the Six Weeks Omnibus 8″ „No. 1″ is the only stuff of theirs that I know. This 6 track 7″ mostly has simple, powerful thrashers, some blast beats and a very angry singer. The only exception is the song „Boys“, which is supposedly a cover by the Beatles (sorry, but I can‘t confirm that. I don‘t know the song and I‘m not gonna start researching songs by the Beatles, no way!).

Boys, all I really want is boys, and in the morning it’s boys, ’cause in the evening it’s boys…

The Stalin – Stop Jap LP

Stop Jap from 1982 was the first HC-release by The Stalin, and probably among the first ones of Japan, too. Just like on trash* there’s still lots of punkrock and some disturbing, droning noise, but compared to earlier releases Stop Jap has far tighter playing and a harder, more defined sound. Also, „Romanticist“ must be among the best opening tracks ever!


v.a. 未来ハ僕等ノ手ノ中 – Future Is In Our Hands 7″

The „Future is in our hands“ 7″ compilation, released in 2010, features 4 bands from Tsuyama City (as you may have deduced from the 7″ cover). The 7″ starts with Last (heh!) who are fast, raw and energetic punkrock with very rocking guitar licks. Disturd (great band name) are old school, metallic stenchcore and remind me a bit of Hellbastard. Next are The Sick who are not HC at all, but play very melodic, singalong punkrock. Last band on the compilation are the great Skizophrenia. Most descriptions of their style I heard called them UK 82; they also remind me a bit of the hardcore stuff by Nyx Negativ, but obviously the name-dropped Ernst and The Edsholm Rebels are a point of reference, too.

I thought there was no future?

Systematic Death – Final Insider 12″

Final Insider from 1987 is Systematic Death’s first 12″ release. I have no idea how they do it, but even though they never changed or even varied their style in the 30+ years of their existance, they never grew boring. All of their releases I know are full of tight, powerful, thrashing insanity!

That sound? Quality!

Charm – Shikami 7″

On their second 7″, released in 2004, Charm manage to top the songs per minute ratio of their first one: it’s 10 songs in 9 minutes this time! Otherwise there aren‘t too many differences. The songs are fast as hell, the songs structures are wild and adventurous, and I still feel sorry for the singer’s vocal chords.

Get it!