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Kikeiji – Pressure 7″

Pressure was Kikeiji’s third 7″, released in 1984 on Tam’s ADK Records. Just like their other releases from the eighties, this 7″ is a mix of dissonant post-punk and (mostly) slow, but aggressive and dark punkrock.

What’s not to love about them?

v.a. R.B.F. 1984 8″

R.B.F. 1984 is a weird little 8″ compilation ep with a mix of three chords punk, New Wave and Gothic. Kyah on Side A deliver two simple, snotty, bouncy punk rock songs and one slow, brooding gothic/death rock song. Besides these tracks they released a couple of 7″ and 12″ eps in the mid-eighties. Next are Haidiinatshu with two fun and very lo-fi, almost childlike wave numbers. The Loods on Side B sound like they should have been big in 78; they went on to release a huge number of singles and albums on R.B.F. Records. Last are Phaidia with two death rock songs, recorded live in good quality.

Yellow is the new red!

Mustang – Free Style LP

Oh boy, Mustang must be among THE most rockingest bands filed under „M“ in my record collection. Or of all of Japan, I forgot which one. Even though the LP starts with a short blastbeat part, the rest is Mustang’s trademark mid-tempo rock‘n'roll with loads of crew vocals, the bass guitar playing harmonies, occasional 6/8 signatures and the singer’s hoarse, cracking voice (plus cowbell fills).
This 2002 album was originally released on CD in Japan, this vinyl version is the US-release. Sadly somebody didn‘t really bother checking the master after ripping the CD, so all the songs that are meant to blend into each other have short but audible pauses in between (which I edited out).

Too bad my copy came without the insert!

Kuro – Revival Of Death 7″

I have no idea if Revival Of Death was a posthumous but official release by Kuro, or if it was a bootleg. Anyway, side A has a previously unreleased track („Black Empire“) and an awesome, alternative version of „No More No“. Side B has two pretty raw live tracks („Hell Dive“ and once more „No More No“).

Side A rocked my ass!