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v.a. One Shot One Kill LP

Of the bands on this compilation, the glue sniffers of Warhead are definitely the winners. Even their mid-tempo songs are absolutely over the top, manic hardcore insanity with a totally crazy singer. Extinct Government are another all-star group with members of Tetsu Arei, The Comes, Lipcream, Idora and Crück. They are more on the punky side of hardcore and even play a cover of No Desire by Switzerland’s Jack & The Rippers, which was originally released in 1979! On Side B Zone speed things up again with some fast and tight hardcore, which sadly doesn‘t reach the level of Warhead’s insanity. D.S.B. are a lot dirtier again, but I prefer their 7″es to these compilation tracks.

And since I am totally incompetent, I could not keep my scanner from screwing up the color of the front cover.

Gudon – Howling Communication 7″

What’s not to love about a band that names itself „Stupidity“? Well, maybe the kind ugly cover artwork on this 7″, but that’s about all. Howling Communication, released on Selfish Records in 1987, was Gudon’s third 7″. As the production values of their 7″es was continually increasing (their first 7″ sounds like it was recorded on a boombox), this one has a really cool -if somewhat bass-heavy- sound. Most of the songs are simple, maniacally fast thrash. All in all, Howling Communication is my favourite Gudon release.

No more Bloody Sleeping, it’s time for Howling Hate with the Power Of Dusk!

Judgement – No Reason Why 7′‘

Judgement’s debut 7″ from 1996 is a truly awesome release. The two tracks are incredibly powerful, the production is great, the band is tight as hell… but what do you expect, when a band is made up of people who also played in Lipcream, Crück, Death Side, Chicken Bowels, Bastard, Gudon and Systematic Death?

Kick Them Over!

Masturbation – 被害妄想 12″

Masturbation’s 12″ titled Higaimōzō, meaning persecution complex or paranoia, was released on ADK records in 1984. Musically, its 6 tracks are pretty similar to their 7″ from the same year: dark, brooding and ominous, often atonal, mostly slow, a crude mix of punk, hardcore and post-punk. As far as I know this was their last release during their existence; most of their stuff was later re-released on a couple of compilation CDs, with bonus live tracks thrown in.

Get it!