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Death Side – Satisfy The Instinct 7″

Death Side’s legendary first 7“ from 1988, the (!) classic record of Burning Spirits hardcore! The songs on this 7″ were still a bit simpler and not yet as heavy, the production rawer and Chelsea’s guitar playing not yet as over the top as on later records, still this record destroys anything and everything in its path!

Over nice, all you silly ass!

Gouka – Program 12″

The Program 12“ from 2005 is Gouka’s final release. Just like their tracks on the Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2 and their year 2002 7“ titled „Chaos“, the songs on this release are powerful and driving d-beat, without relying on the over the top raw punk production featured by many other japanese bands.

Get it!

v.a. My Meat’s Your Poison LP

The My Meat’s Your Poison compilation from 1987 is nothing but classic high-speed thrash from start to finish. I‘m not going to waste your and my time describing every single band, after all I‘ve already posted releases by all of them: Outo, Chicken Bowels (misspelled on the cover as „Chiken Bowels“), Systematic Death, Gudon, S.O.B. and Lip Cream, they all rule! Still, S.O.B.’s hilarious and over the top cover of Blitzkrieg Bop deserves to be mentioned separately.

Sadly my copy of this record has no lyric sheet.

Zettai Reido – S/T 7″

Sadly I do not know shit about Zettai Reido, except that the name means „Absolute Zero“ and that breaking a mercury thermometer is dangerous! Their self-titled 7“ came out in the early eighties and was possibly the only (?) release during their existence. Some time in the early 2010s an anthology 2xCD of their studio tracks and live material came out, so they obviously recorded more material.
The three tracks on this 7″ are untitled, which of course only adds to the mystery. Track one is a dark, six minute, No Wave/Post Punk dirge, track two is weirdly upbeat with an offbeat guitar (ha!), and track three goes completely off the rails with its atonal „melody“ and its rhythm changes.