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Tam – Vol. 1 7″

In 1983 the first songs by G-Zet came out on the Great Punk Hits compilation album. The same guys -Tam, Keigo, Akira (and L.S.D.’s singer Achy who contributed one scream!)- also recorded the purely instrumental tracks on this vinyl single and the accompanying flexi disc (albeit in different personnel constellations). The two songs on the vinyl single are very much G-Zet tracks (side B is even named G-Zet), while the songs on the karaoke sonosheet are newly recorded instrumental versions of tracks off the first three albums by The Stalin.

Some tracks off this release wound up on this G-Zet bootleg 7″, posing as G-Zet songs.

Enjoy and sing along!

Forward – Feel The Core Of Self ep

As with so many other japanese bands, the easiest way to describe them would be to list all the other bands their members have played in, but I‘m gonna skip it this time since everybody knows it anyway. This is Forward’s second single, released in 1997 on HG Fact. Side A is mid-tempo and rocking, is high-speed with some cool drum breaks and great guitar leads.


Danse Macabre – S/T 7″

Danse Macabre were founded by Cherry of Zouo after his return from the USA, where he had joined Half Life as a second singer. Playing shows with Samhain influenced him to start a band in a somewhat similar vein, so Danse Macabre’s songs turned out slower and less over the top than Zouo’s, but with similarly darkness-, death- and horror-themed lyrics. Of course they sound nothing like Samhain; Danse Macabre’s songs are far more primitive and blunt, and comparing Cherry’s Zouo-style voice to Danzig’s crooning… This self-titled 7″ from 1988 is their first release.

Get it and think about death!

v.a. Violence – A Japanese HC Compilation 8″

Released in 1998 on Six Weeks, Violence – A Japanese HC Compilation was something of a follow-up to the first Six Weeks Omnibus 8″ compilation. Stylistically the bands are typical nineties thrashy hardcore: Real Reggae, Nice View, Argue Damnation, No Think, Flash Gordon and One Size Fits All feature a very lo-fi production and deliver lots of blastbeats.

Real Reggae must be the best band name of all time!

Phaidia + Gilles De Rais – Split 7″

This split 7″ flexi has some really wild shit by Phaidia and Gilles De Rais. Japanese music magazine Marquee Moon released the single, and from the looks of it the flexi probably came with the magazine.
Phaidia’s track starts out with a 3+ minute long intro of atonal synths, quiet pianos and flutes before morphing into a great goth rock song (which keeps the synths, pianos and flutes).
Gilles de Rais -named after the french serial killer of children- is just as weird: a slow, dark 5 minute dirge of synths, drum machines, whining guitars and wild vocal effects.

Blue beard!

Crow – Neurotic Organisation 7″

Neurotic Organisation was released in 2001; its three Crow originals are typical later-era Crow tracks: dark, fast, heavy, metallic, sometimes somewhat „melodic“. They also recorded „Sanctuary“ by Amebix, reworking it in their own fast-paced style.

This way, please!