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Assault – S/T 12″

This 12“ from 2004 is the Partners In Crime pressing of Assault’s self-titled CD which had originally been released on HG Fact. Side A is somewhat similar to the wonderful „Martyrdom“: wild hardcore with crazy guitar leads and harmonies. The opener of Side B „The End Of Silence“ is a slow, 7 ½ minute long and almost tragedyesque epos, followed by two simpler, faster stompers.

That’s it for this year. See you in 2017.

Death Side – The Will Never Die 7″

Death Side’s penultimate release, just as awesome as the rest. The title track is an anthemic smash-hit of Burning Spirits hardcore (oh damn, can I really say that?), the two following tracks on side b are faster, rawer, more primitive, no less great.

Never! Got it?

Real – Real 4 / Kids 7″

Real 4 / Kids was released on Tam’s ADK Records in 1984. I‘m having something of a hard time finding a good description for the music on this record; the best thing I can come up with is very lo-fi and minimalist punk, with atonal passages alternating with very rudimentary melodies. Hmm, I could have done better. Maybe if I mentioned the obviously Joy Division inspired cover artwork? Nope, still sub-par.
As can be deduced from the title this was not Real’s first release; they kept releasing (sometimes also numerically named) records until the nineties.

Dancing about architecture…

v.a. Hardcore Inferno

„Hardcore Inferno“ is a quite the appropriate title for this compilation LP (especially the Inferno part) which came out in 2010. Death Dust Extractor, Deathtribe, Tantrum, Krossa, Disturd, Isterismo and Sacrifice all deliver raging lo-fi brutality between stenchcore, käng, crasher crust and rawpunk; ADA†MAX and Chaotix are among the more inventive bands on this comp, and Skizophrenia!’s hectic chaos was the very reason I bought this record.

Destroy The Last Line In Madness!

屍 Shikabane – Why Do You Live LP

Shikabane originally released „Why Do You Live?“ as a CD in 2002, this here is the 2003 vinyl issue on Prank Records. The songs on this record continue the route of Ego And Desire: extremely dark, metallic, brutal yet melodic epics of up to 6 and a half minutes lenght, with slow passages and wild blast beats, plus lots of barking, choking and grunting. Great stuff!

Why indeed?