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Allergy – アレルギー作用 12“

Oh man, bands like Allergy and their 1983 アレルギー作用 12“ are the very reason I often despair describing music (well no, not really despair). Sure, „post-“ is a catch-all term I could certainly use, but damn! Resorting to comparisons always works, too: the funky bass lines are surely influenced by Killing Joke’s Youth, and the singer’s wails and warbles bring Theatre Of Hate to mind, but Allergy are definitely no rip-off. Guitarist Ono also played on The Stalin’s Fish Inn LP, which might be a further indication of what Allergy are about musically.

For E.

Age – Survive 7“

Rotting skeletons, tearing out their own hearts while climbing on a dove (?) and holding on to a Flying V! The cover on this 7“ from 2010 is definitely an improvement compared to that one, he. The music’s still the same: heavy, fast, metallic crust with the most throaty-voiced and choking singer you could wish for.

Important to know: The Flying V started out as a blues guitar.

Molugu – Romance 7“

Molugu’s Romance 7“ from 1984, another ADK classic (edit: nope, it’s not. That’s me being sloppy!). The songs are less minimalist than the ones on Neo Punk Disordery, with 3+ minute dirges and 1.5 minute punk stompers in typical tinny, lo-fi ADK (nope, more like Penta Studio) production (including one live track).

No more wasting time with my useless ramblings; get this 7“, it’s great!

v.a. Nagoya City Hardcore – Japan – 名古屋 LP

Nagoya City Hardcore was originally released as a CD in 2009 on MCR Company, this is the 2010 LP release on Prank Records and Agipunk. Clown are heavy and rocking in the vein of Mustang, Reality Crisis deliver fast crustcore, Zilemma are melodic with great guitar leads, D-Clone (obviously) feature distortion-to-deafness-vacuum-cleaners, and Demolition are pretty metallic with thumb-muted shredding and double-bass drumming.

Note the cover artwork by Sugi!

8 ½ – S/T 10“

8 ½ were one of the bands included on the Tōkyō New Wave ’79 compilation. These tracks were recorded in 1979, but only released posthumously in 85. The songs are synth-laden, more new wave than punk, with a certain rock‘n'roll influence coming through. Seriously: I can‘t stop myself from humming Twist and Shout over the opener Shounentachi. These recordings were also released as an LP with one extra track, which I assume is the one off their single-sided flexi 7“ called Mémoire. After playing in 8 ½, the band members were active in a load of experimental/avantgarde groups like Guernika, Hikashu or Yapoos.

Well, shake it up, baby, now!