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百夜 – 百夜独演音曲集一 聖家族 7“

This record is a solo release by Lizard’s singer Momoyo from 1985. It’s not punk, more like minimalist electro stuff. Since this is definitely not my area of expertise I‘ll just shut the fuck up and let the music do the talking. Also the record’s not in very good shape.

Sorry for the Aerosmith quote. That was uncalled for and almost as unforgivable as covering the Beatles. Plus I just found it’s not an Aerosmith original. Oh well. I‘d better go. My planet needs me.

Gomess – Lxx Ix Bx 7“

Why would anybody do such a thing as release a cover version of a Beatles song? Why? That band always was, is and always shall be The Enemy (not the UK ’82 band)! What ever happened to „How brilliant! They hate the Beatles!“?
Here the abomination cover song especially aggravates because I really like the other two tracks on this flexi 7“: Kick Down on side A is a cool, upbeat, melodic punk rock song, Jim Niteshade on side B is even cooler, dark and sad. So why do the unforgivable pay a completely unnecessary hommage to THAT BAND, when you‘ve got enough cool tracks of your own? Damn!

Unaffected Nation in Japan! 1985

Nubile – Spyral Totem Toler Than East Poll 7″

When you compare Nubile’s self-titled 7“ to its 1984 follow-up „Spyral Totem Toler Than East Poll“ (wow, what a name for a 7“), it comes across as almost easy listening. On this 7“ they really seem to enjoy going off the deep end: dark, slow, ominous dirges with atonal bass and guitars, interspersed with noisy outbursts of… what?

This 7“ was their first release on Wechselbalg Syndicate, where they would go on to release a load of EPs.

If I only knew what the title meant!

Crow – Who Killed Dove 7″

Since I‘m not rich, this is only the recent bootleg of Crow’s first 7“. A lot rawer, more primitive and more direct than their later output, but already with the same darkness and despair.
I had already posted these songs on this bootleg compilation, but the 7“ comes in the original artwork with fold-out poster.

Yeah, I know that I recycled that lame joke about not being rich.

Deef – Real Control Tape

Deef were a damn noisy, thrashy and chaotic hardcore band from Sapporo/Hokkaidō who only released a couple of tapes and tracks on tape compilations. This here is a recent bootleg of their second demo tape from 1984, 20+ minutes of tape-hiss and loads of atonal and chaotic noise.

What’s not to love?

Anemone – S/T 12“

Sadly this 12“ from 1986 seems to be the only record released by Anemone. 4 songs somewhere between soft New Wave and Gothic, it’s not unlike some of the stuff Zelda did, a bit less adventurous, but nonetheless very cool.
As far as I know there is no connection to Das Gemeine, whose singer also happened to be called Anemone.

Sadly no songs about carnival on this record…

Crude + Grass – Hakodate City HC 7″

Oh yeah: this 7“ from 1996 on MCR Company contains the very first songs by the mighty Crude. Their songs are already very much in the style of what was to come later on, just a little bit less refined. Grass were a lot rougher: aggressive, lo-fi hardcore with a lot of screaming and shouting. So lo-fi in fact, that one channel kind of fades in and out during the songs. As far as I know they didn‘t release much more than this ep and compilation tracks.

Hakodate City HC!