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Tokyo Rose – Fuwaku No Prosess 7“

Another power trio! Tokyo Rose played very tight, rock‘n'rolly punk rock: the songs are mid-tempo with a lot of drive, great melodies and cool guitar wanking. Too bad this 7“ from 1988 was their one and only release.

Where are Lord Haw-Haw and Axis Sally?

Think Again – My War ep.

Think Again released their 1st 7“ in 2011. This power trio (with changing vocals between all three of them) plays the wildest and nuttiest hardcore punk one could wish for. A couple of songs of this 7“ would later reappear on their debut album.

This shit is great, great, GREAT!

v.a. Go Ahead Make My Day – Smashing Odds Ness 2 LP

As can be deduced from the name (ignoring movies and presidents), this compilation was a) the follow-up to the Smashing Odds Ness and b) the second release on the Smashing Odds Ness label. What you can‘t quite deduce is that it was also the last one. Many of the bands on this 1989 compilation play late eighties thrash, with the mighty Bastard and the stenchy Asbestos definitely delivering the heaviest stuff. F.V.K., DONDON, Sic and Idora are among better known and more prolific bands on the comp, with Complete, Sicilian Blood and Sweats having fewer releases to their names.

And I have only one thing to say to the tax increasers…

Warriors – Born To Ride 7“

The Warriors (a.ka. Nickey & The Warriors / Road Warriors) are another splendid example of musicians for whom 1, 2 or 5 bands were not enough. Seems like almost each of the dozen band members went through another dozen of big name bands. Try drawing a pedigree chart, I dare you! Anyways, this 7“ from 1986 has three tracks of great, melodic punk rock; the title track is a cool interpretation of the doo-wop progression, but the stand out imho is the closing track I Do‘nt [sic!] Care. Great stuff!

In Finland they doo-wop progression is called the Aku Ankka (=Donald Duck) progression. Important to know.

Gai – Extermination EP

The bootleg of this 7“ was one of the very first records I had posted on this blog, here’s the original now. This 1984 flexi was the only record Gai originally put out during their time; their other releases were either tapes, compilation tracks, or post-humous (boots). Enjoy this true masterpiece of genius, primitive Kyūshū raw punk. Note the cute flower on the artwork, which IS cut off like this. Great photocopying skills?

Enjoy! ENJOY! That’s an order!

Poison Arts – Kick Rock 7“

Another great cover artwork by Poison/Poison Arts! One more plus: the cover opens like an envelope! This one track flexi 7“ from 1990 has a re-recorded version of the title track on their first 12“ from two years before. Great metallic, melodic hardcore. I kind of prefer this version.

Get it!