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Auto-Mod – Last Punk Hero/Dancin‘ Rhythm 7“

Last Punk Hero, what a great name for a great 7“, I hope it pissed off lots of humorless punk purists! Released in 1982, these two tracks are great disco‘esque post-punk with funky guitar and basslines, a drum machine, chirping synths and of course Genet’s unique voice. Yeah!

Dancin‘! Dancin‘! Dancin‘, dancin‘ rhythm!

Forward – What Are You Gonna Get 7“

Released in 1998, What Are You Gonna Get was Forward’s 4th 7“, full of great, rocking burning spirits style hardcore. The title track on side A is a fast paced smasher, but the B-side Go To Dive is definitely the winner on this single. Mid-tempo, driving as fuck, and Ishiya strains his voice so hard he sounds like he’s choking himself.

What are you gonna get? Great shit like this!

Daston + Gouka – Continuously Attack Of Endless Shock Split 7“

This split 7“ from 1996 was the first vinyl release for Daston and Gouka, both bands had released demos and a split tape before, though. Gouka are not yet as tight and definedly d-beat compared to their later releases, their songs are faster and thrashier on this record. Daston are more on the crusty side, with a singer who sounds a bit like D.O.N.D.O.N.’s Yoshikawa.

Endless shock!

FVK – Return To Roots 8“

Though both e.p.s were released in 1988, Return To Roots is stylistically a bit different from the Target e.p. First of all the recording quality is better, but most of all the song writing has evolved and is now closer to actual Bad Brains worship. The tempos are less frantic, plus there are more melodies and guitar leads. Also there are the Bad Brains allusions in the song titles and then there’s -obviously- the cover of Rock For Light.

Do they care what you may say? Have they got that attitude?

Nosferatu – Mass 7“

What is this? Is it music? A joke? It’s definitely punk, releasing an absurdity like this and hoping people would want it or pay for it, haha! Even the fold-out cover is cut all crooked and shit. The second track must be the best thing I ever heard on any punk rock record!

Maybe with the exception of Forming!

Laukaus – Ollaan Punk Nuorisoo… 12“

Ollaan punk nourisoo, released in 2004, was Laukaus‘ only 12“ EP. Just like Mikä On Tuolla, this 12“ is a very convincing hommage to classic finnish Kasikaks. There’s two cover songs on this record: Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa by Riistetyt and a finnish version of The Stalin’s 解剖室 off *trash.

We‘re the punk youth!

Gloom – Mentally Achronistic 2000 7“

Mentally Achronistic 2000, released in collaboration on MCR Company and on Crust War, the label of Gloom’s guitarist Jacky, is a great piece of classic japanese crasher crust. Do I have to say more than that? If so, expect distortion to deafness, vacuum cleaners, d-beat drumming with fills all over the place, and some guys pissed off with society and the state.

And war.