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Lizard – III 12“

The A side of this 12“ released in 1982 contains the 3 tracks off Lizard’s Save Momoyo 7“: Robot Love and Requiem are re-recorded studio versions of the tracks off Tokyo Rockers, Asia was released as a different version on their first album. On side B, I think the tracks may have been mislabelled, but I‘m not quite sure: Modern Noise is an otherwise unreleased song, while Theme is a re-recorded version of Modern Beat (off the first LP) with the slowed down ending of Kingdom (also off the first LP) attached. Modern Noise? Modern Beat? Theme? Two tracks or three? Dunno.

Anyways, this is quality stuff!

Geshpenst – Just Keep This Fighting 7“

Geshpenst were another of the countless bands which did one release and a number of compilation tracks. The four songs on this 7“ from 1995 are pretty varied. There’s mid-tempo moshing, crossover-thrash guitar riffs, some metal axe solos, some burning spirits, dual harmonic guitar leads, some high speed thrashing, you name it. Produced by Death Side’s Chelsea.

Now THIS is a band name!

Framtid – 8 Track EP

Framtid’s first 7“ from 1999, a classic piece of japanese crust, released on guitarist Jacky’s own Crust War label. This record is a fucking runaway bulldozer, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride!


Sadie Sads – Angora 7“

Released in 1984 on Wechselbalg Syndicate, Angora was Sadie Sads‘ first and only 7“ single (though they had loads of compilation tracks and two 12″ releases). Both tracks, Angora on side A and Id on side B, are vicious post punk, Id being the more avantgarde and experimental of the two with its complete breakdowns of music into echoing soundcapes, screams and rudimentary percussion.

This is evil shit, like Angora. This is fluffy bunnies getting slaughtered.

Samurai – I‘m A Person Not A Number 8“

I don‘t really know shit about Samurai, so if there’s anyone to fill in the blanks, I‘m willing to learn more. Here goes what little I can say: during their original existence in the early/mid-eighties it seems this power trio released a 7“ and two 8“es, this one being the second 8“ from 1985. The music is mid-tempo punk rock with a lot of rock‘n'roll thrown in, a bit like what The Rockers or Anarchy did a couple of years earlier. Samurai come across a bit stiffer and less fun, though. At least were as creative in finding a band name as The Rockers and Anarchy, haha. A reunion produced one more CD and a couple of compilation albums, it seems.

Is that enough? Hmm.

Chaotix – Broaden Your Horizons 7“

This 7“ from 2003 was Chaotix‘ first vinyl release. They played catchy US-influenced HC, maybe a bit like the Biscuits, only rougher and with more thrashing. I don‘t know if they were sXe, but the positivity and anti-smoking songs might be a hint there, or maybe not.

Fuck‘in Poisute Smoker!