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Friction – 軋轢 LP

I couldn‘t tell you why I waited so long till I posted this, since Friction’s debut LP from 1980 is a true classic japanese post punk album. Some lot of their earlier punk stuff has been weeded out, and what’s left is cold, cold, cold. Some tracks off Tokyo Rockers and their first 7“ appear as re-recorded versions. The new version of Crazy Dream especially shows the increased post in the punk.

This is a S/T btw.

v.a. Fear

I have to admit I got his compilation mostly to get the rest of Danse Macabre’s vinyl output. All told this comp is pretty heavy shit. On side A, the Rapes (why the hell pick THAT as the name for your band?) are vicious crossover thrash, the songs by Griffin are more diverse, fast thrashing, mid-tempo rocking, and slower, heavy shit. On side B, Danse Macabre offer their own, unique take at heavy, menacing, downtempo darkness, (including a cover version of … Born To Be Wild?), while K.G.G.M. are the most punkrock group on this comp, doing a cover The Ramones‘ I Don‘t Care in japanese as Ōkina Osewa (they did more Ramones covers on their other records).
There’s also a CD-version of this comp which has more tracks by Rapes, K.G.G.M and Danse Macabre (is Think About Death the same version as on their 7“?).

There’s still too many of us…

Deathtribe + Kriegshög – Split 7“

In Crust We Thrash released this monster by Kriegshög and Deathtribe in 2008: two times completely over the top distortion to deafness manic d-beat, absolute madness! The Kriegshög side is nuttier and wilder, Deathtribe are a bit crustier. It’s better check it out yourselves than to let me keep blathering!

Play loud & die!

The Zolge – Catholic Day 7“

This 7“ from 1987 was the last vinyl offering by this good looking, almost visual-kei bunch (though they went on to record a couple more CDs). The titletrack is a fast-paced, death rock/goth/new wave influenced punk rock with trebly guitars, lots of reverb and a minimalist piano, the B-side is a slower number, but similarly darkish punk. Like most of their vinyl output this record came out on Dogma Records (which had released a different version of Catholic Day with more B-Side tracks as the previous catalog number).

What’s a catholic day?

Deride – ハイランク EP

If you‘re into really fast and so-tight-it’s-almost-scary thrash, then Deride’s 2001 ep is definitely for you. 4 songs of no-frills hardcore in less than four minutes, what more could you ask for?

6 songs in less than 6 minutes, maybe?

G-Schmitt – Sin, Secret & Desire 12“

After a string of 7“ and 12“ e.p.s, this record from 1986 on Wechselbalg Syndicate was G-Schmitt’s first full-length release. Six great tracks of new wave and gothic rock between cold, adventurous, serene, dancable, melancholic and subtle, all made even greater by singer Syoko’s beautiful voice.

There you are!

Nightmare – Refugee Of Logical Society 7“

Refugee Of Logical Society from 2006 was Nightmare’s first release in about 7 years. The sound has become a lot more lo-fi, and the music is chaotic, wild hardcore (the type that a friend of mine likes to call „japanese hectics“, hehe) with singer Masahiro’s maddening shrieks on top. Wow! There’s two songs on this 7“, plus two rudimentary pieces of assorted noise called Spiral. This is the european licensed pressing on Hate Records btw.

Japanese Hectics. Nothing to do with Freddie Mercury. Haha.