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Resurrection – ST LP

In 1986 Resurrection released their debut/sole/final album. While their 7“ on ADK records sounds a bit more punk to me, this album is darker in its sound, somewhere between depressive, very down-tempo punk and blunt, punk-inspired gothic rock. You be the judge.

The flanger’s a bit more subtle this time!

愚鈍 – 卑下志望 7″

Higeshibou from 1986 was Gudon’s second release (after the noisy monster that is their 残忍聖者 7“ from the previous year). It’s another classic piece of japanese hardcore madness. Stoic violence on side a is a five minute (!) orgy of thrash with thumb-muted guitars, mid-tempo breakdowns and short metallic leads. On side b Leaden Love (鉛の愛) is another epic of (almost!) 5 minutes, a dark and monotonous monster of mid-tempo punk, while Burst Your Head is simple, fast and chaotic thrash. The sound is not yet as well produced as it would be on Howling Communication, but there are a lot less vacuum cleaners involved than on 残忍聖者.

Get it!

G.I.S.M. – Militaly Affairs Neurotic LP

With their second LP G.I.S.M. showed once more just how sick a bunch of motherfuckers they were. Militaly [sic!] Affairs Neurotic is a more metallic, and may sound a bit more -erm- „restrained“ when compared to Detestation or their early compilation tracks: the sound is less fuzzy but still pretty lo-fi, the songs are less frantic and Randy Uchida’s leads are also much clearer and more defined. Some of the melodies and guitar parts could have equally well turned into R.U.G.-songs, if they weren‘t immediately followed by atonal, hateful sickness. Degeneration, what a twisted and warped „ballad“! And Fatigue has to be the best interpretation of that chug-chug-a-chug heavy metal picking ever! If this sickness weren‘t enough, the two sound collages and the artwork (look at it! Just look!) definitely prove that G.I.S.M. were as insane as ever, and Sakevi’s growls sound even more cancerous than before.
This version here is a recent (and affordable) bootleg with an additional silk screen print on the outer PVC sleeve and a huge poster.


v.a. Best Run Fast Vol. 2 7“

And yet another one by MCR Company! One track each by Sicilian Blood, MESS, Idora and DONDON. To me, Sicilian Blood are the winners on this comp: driving, powerful and almost catchy; MESS are not yet as weird as they would become, and deliver some vicious riffs; Idora’s song is a metallic dirge which turns wild in the end, and DONDON are the blunt instrument on this comp.

Run, you fuckers!

ハイディナッシュ – 青い空 7“

A one track mind flexi 7“ from some time in the mid-eighties by Haidiinatshu. The song differs quite a bit from their tracks on the R.B.F. 1984 compilation, which were a lot more lively and cheeky, the song on this 7“ is calm, piano- and synth-laden new wave.

To the blue sky!

No Side – Depressing Day 7“

Named after The Comes‘ legendary and absolutely wonderful 12“, No Side play simple, no frills, US-influenced HC. The sound on this 7″ from 1997 is underproduced in a cool way, and the songs are driving and catchy (but nowhere as frantic, nutty and FUCK YOU as THAT 12“, but that‘d be hard to pull off anyway).

Plus, there a song about coffee and hating work! Yeah!