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The Sadist – Onapet 7“

Before Maso Yamazaki started making noise music, he was the singer in The Sadist. They played simple, kinda atonal punk rock, and -judging from the band’s name, their song and album titles- had their feet planted firmly in the realm of the perverted, disgusting and unsettling. This is their first 7“, released in 1986 on MCR Company.

Onapetto: a fantasy object for masturbation. Hmm.

Last Bomb – S/T 12“

After two 7“es (Firing and Retro Firing) Last Bomb released their first and final 12“ in 1987 on Selfish Records. It’s raw, primitive, stomping hardcore punk, with some heavy rocking on the guitar. The final track Vomit is THE bomb, with the most brutal shredding bass intro since GISM sang about syphilis…

What distinction of motorcycles?

Paintbox – ゲンセキ 7″

If you ever wondered, what a song about the natural beauty of unrefined iron ore might sound like, look no further, for this is it! It’s hard rocking mid-tempo song full of melody and the late Chelsea’s beautiful guitar leads. While the two tracks b-side of this 7“ (among them Plastic Pump, their Poison Idea worship) made it on Paintbox‘ singles collection, Genseki on the a-side (also released on their final album Trip, Trance & Travelling) did not.

Unrefined iron ore!

v.a. 東京ニューウエイヴ ’79 LP

Tōkyō New Wave ’79, the other one of the two classic, early compilations documenting Tōkyō’s punk and new wave scene of the late 70s. Compared to Tōkyō Rockers, New Wave has the less well known bands with Sex, Jisatsu, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. Of these, only 8 ½ released anything else during their original existence, though the members of all the bands went on to play in loads and loads of other groups.

Sex, Suicide, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. There you go.

E.D.P.S. – Death Composition 8“

The first release by E.D.P.S.: vicious, funky post-punk by Friction’s Tsunematsu Masatoshi, Boy et al. This 8“ from 1982 has a mix of live and studio recordings.

Get it!

The Stalin – 虫 LP

虫 (Mushi, meaning „Bug“) was The Stalin’s third LP, released in 1983. 虫 was The Stalin’s most hardcore album, but in a way it also was their „simplest“, least musically diverse one. Don‘t get me wrong, this is still The Stalin we‘re talking about here, meaning 虫 is great from start to finish. Its hardcore songs are driving and powerful, and its dirges and mid-tempo numbers are fucking dark and ominous, topped by the almost 10 minute title track closing the album.

To the Bug!

Union – S/T 7“

This power trio from Tokyo played 77-inspired punk rock, you can hear The Undertones, Ramones and maybe even stuff like Ratsia in their songs. This here was their first 7“, released in 1986 on R.B.F. Records. I kind of wonder if their song From UK has lyrics like the german punk classic Frisch aus England (by Hanover’s Blitzkrieg), which lamented all the hip punks buying all their clothes, badges and dog collars in England, haha.

Na, wer von euch Arschlöchern hat denn den Badge aus Engeland?

Avfall – Dish It Out 7″

You don‘t have to be a genius to deduce from their swedish name that Avfall are d-beaty råpunk, there’s vacuum cleaner in the band, and the guys probably wear Knobelbecher, bullet belts and Skitslickers shirts! This 2012 7“ on Hardcore Survives is the stuff!