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ガセネタ – S/T 7“

Gaseneta were among Japan’s earliest punk rock bands, but never released anything during their short existence. Their style was markedly different from most of their contemporaries, going more into a direction of hard, yet garagey noise rock. All of their surviving recordings are either from live shows or from rehearsal studios, and the four tracks on this posthumous 7“ from 2017 were recorded in early 1978 at Meiji University in Tōkyō.

Get it!

Kriegshög – ST LP

Hell yeah! Kriegshög, the grandmasters of absurdly distorted d-beat in our time! After 2 demos, two split 7“es and one 7“ e.p. they dropped this bomb of a debut album in 2010. The album was repressed in 2016, this here is the 2010 european version without the obi.

Are these Kriegshögs nuclear armed?

Death Side – Wasted Dream LP

Death Side’s first LP from 1989, one of the (many) true classics of japanese hardcore, and a defining record of the Burning Spirits style. The first time I listened to it, I was pretty overwhelmed by just how relentlessly fast, driving and powerful it is. There is not a single calm moment on the whole record, the playing is frantic yet monstrously tight, and the songs are among the best shit ever written by any japanese band. Period.

This version is the bootleg from the early 2010s, so the sound is a littled bit muffled and the print quality is okayish. Too bad there was a skip in the VERY FIRST SONG of the original record.

Have you looked into mirror yet?

Zoe – From Hell 7“

I guess you can‘t expect anything nice when a band names one of its releases after a letter written by Jack The Ripper. Anyway, From Hell was Zoe’s very first 7“, released in 2003. It’s full of Amebix worshipping stenchcore, played by former members of crust monsters Gloom and Framtid. So if you like metallic, british style traveller crust, this one’s for you.

The darkest heavy Zoe!

Michiro, GET THE HELP! Presents Help! (Take 2) 7″

Unbelievable, it’s happening again: I‘m posting yet another cover of a Beatles song. This song was originally released in 1985 on the first 12“ of Endō Michirō’s post-The Stalin solo project. This flexi was a one track promotional 7“.

I guess once you start covering the Beatles you really DO need help…