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Auto-Mod – 遠い声 7“

1983’s 遠い声, the faraway voice, has two of my favorite tunes by Auto-Mod. The title track is a straight, dancable new wave number with an extremely catchy chorus, while the b-side (Enemy No. 3) kills everything with its funky bass and its Killing Joke allusions. No more of my useless babbling, just get it!

They‘re the enemy of the third world people (or something like that…)!

遠藤ミチロウ – Terminal 12“

During and after The Stalin Endō Michirō released tons of records with tons of other bands. On 1987’s Terminal you can still find lots of punkrock, albeit in a wild mix of synth-laden psychedelia, new wave, rock and post-punk. A bit like on Transformer’s Manoeuvre, Terminal’s heavier songs sometimes remind me of PIL’s album. Also, there’s a terrifying reworking of trash*’s 溺愛 (smothering love, one of my favorite songs by The Stalin), which seems even more choking and oppressive, with its monotone and somewhat atonal piano „melody“. None of all the songs‘ lengths are below 4 minutes, with three songs cracking the 9 minute mark. The production is clean with prominent drums pounding out the same static, mid-tempo rhythms -sometimes without any variation or fills- for minutes on end. All in all a very dark and strange album, but also a very satisfying listen if one is open to all its twisted weirdness.

Oh, Marx!

S.H.I. – S/T 7“

The Struggling Harsh Immortals aka S.H.I./死 (meaning death, of course) are a present hardcore „supergroup“ of sorts, with Zouo’s and Danse Macabre’s Cherry on Vocals, Keigo of G-Zet (and many others) on drums, to name just two of their prominent members. Their style of dark, sometimes plodding hardcore is not dissimilar to some of e.g. Danse Macabre’s stuff, but the added noise and samples give it another level of twisted sickness. This was their first 7“, released on Crust War in 2013.

Get it!

Sheena & The Rokkets – #1 LP

Here comes Mentai Rock legend Sheena And The Rokkets‘ 1979 debut LP, appropriately titled #1. The music is of course less punk than new wave rock (here too with a bit of a 50s influence), but the opener Highway Of Tears is such a driving, stomping and heart-thumping punk rock number you just wanna put on a moth-eaten Oxfam jacket, bounce around your room and gob at your parents! No wait, that would have been the UK… No idea what the punk kids in Fukuoka did.
This version of the LP is a later pressing from the mid-eighties with a different song order and one extra track.


Warhead + ORdER – Don‘t Give‘n To Any Pressure!! + Space Junk 7“

I don‘t think Kyoto’s absolute hardcore monsters Warhead really need any introduction; OrdER are another of those long running bands who had a revolving door of former band members (did I use that metaphor correctly? Fuck it.) over their years. Warhead’s song is an overdriven mid-tempo stomper, while OrdER’s Space Junk is catchy and driving with a little ecclecticist weirdness thrown in.

Sorry, but I just can‘t come up with a better description today.