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Swankys – This Is My Lifestyle! 7″

After changing their name back from Gai in 1985, and releasing their first tape as The Swankys, this is their first vinyl, also released in 1985. These songs are still pretty close to Gai’s style of ultra distorted and fuzzy raw punk, in fact several songs were lifted straight off Gai’s Damnation cassette.
My version is not the original, but a pretty recent bootleg.

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v.a. 死国 Shikoku Raw Punk Compilation – 2004 – 7′‘

The title of this 7“ compilation pretty much says it all: a raw punk compilation, bands from Shikoku, released in 2004. Of course, the mighty Disclose are the best known band on this comp, but Micro Film, Godfree Ho (what a great name!), Circle Flex, Nonsense Human Project and Conga Fury are no slouches either. This is a raging comp, distorted, fuzzy and wild. Btw: the name Shikoku normally translates as four provinces. But the way it is written on this compilation translates as…

Land Of Death! Yeah!

ゴメス – Unaffected Nation 8“

Like their debut flexi 7“ from the year before, this 8“ from 1986 has three tracks of melodic, mid-tempo (and on the last track somewhat melancholic) punkrock. For some reason the a-side -“Unaffected Nation“- starts out with the wedding march as its intro, and the b-side’s catchy opener -called „To Hell“- has some chants of „Oi! Oi! Oi!“. A nation unaffected by weddings? To hell with Oi? Is that the meaning of this? I guess not. What’s a bit strange about this ep is the lengths of the songs: the first and the final track last more than 5 ½ minutes each, which is a bit much for simple punkrock.

Btw: no Beatles on this one!