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Dead Person – S/T 7“

Another one of those one hit wonders! Too bad, because Dead Person’s sole 1987 flexi 7“ fucking KILLS! Musically it’s fast-paced, metallic hardcore with some thrashing thrown in. It may have been pretty typical of its time, but it’s got that certain something: the production is raw in a perfect, dirty way, the songs are aggressive but still catchy, the band is competent but has the necessary punkrock grime. An almost perfect little record (but still not as good as Zouo’s 7“!).

Get it! That’s an order!

Zelda – S/T LP

After their first two independently released 7“es Zelda were signed by major label Philips, where they released their S/T debut album in 1982. The album has still quite a lot of punkrock’s energy and snottiness, but is already very much a new wave album. It’s sometimes bouncy, sometimes melancholic, dancable, and -most of all- very good.

I love it.

Sperma – Come On Tonight 7“

Come On Tonight was Sperma’s 2nd 7“, released in 1986 on Beat Crazy Records. While their first 7“ had been more on the punkrock side, Come On Tonight has more of a rock‘n'roll/hard rock/heavy metal vibe. The songwriting is good, the band knows what they do, but it’s not quite my bowl of nattō.

Mmmm, nattō!

Extinct Government – S/T 7″

Another one of those „incest bands“ whose members also play(ed) in a couple dozen more big and not so big bands. This late 90s release has simple, tight and somewhat catchy hardcore punk, kinda UK 82, with the emphasis (imo) being a little bit more on the punk side.

Get it!

The Nurse – ‚‘Discography'‘ 1983-1984 LP

Nurse, one of the best japanese all-girl hardcore bands! They only released two 7“es in 1983 and ’84, the second on Tam’s ADK records. Their music was mostly very simple and fast paced with an amateurish charme thanks to the -on the first 7“- a little bit wobbly drumming. By the time of the 2nd 7“ they had changed their line-up to include male (boo!) members of Gastunk and The Execute, and had also matured their sound. This LP isa recent „discography“ on La Vida Es Un Mus.

Why the quotation marks?