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The End

As was announced in December 2018 blogsport will sadly cease to be sometime in late 2019. Since I still want to continue blogging about japanese punk/hardcore/post punk/gothic and so on, I will have to find a new home. In the last weeks I tried to move this blog to a different hoster, but didn‘t manage to import the backup xml data of this blog. Since I don‘t want to lose the data on this old blog, but am a) incompetent b) a lazy bum and c) gone for the next week or so, it is going to take a while until I have definite news how and where I‘m going to continue blogging.
Those who care, stay tuned!

The Willard – Punx Sing A Gloria 7“

The Willard’s 2nd 7“, released in 1983. All in all, it is still a bit rougher than their later, anthemic „The Damned go Japan“ style, but the direction is already there. On Side A the opener Soldier Song is fast paced but catchy, while Cos I Live is an aggressive, pounding mid-tempo number with melodic choruses and cool guitar harmonies, and Suicide Romance is quite hardcore in style. Side B opens with their anthem „Punx Sing A Gloria“ and closes with the catchy and melodic Voices. Afaik my version is a bootleg.

Sing A Gloria if you‘re a punk!

Skizophrenia – Don‘t Give Up! 7′‘

Another awesome 7“ by Skizphrenia! Released in 2012 it’s got three tracks of wild hardcore between UK 82, Sweden’s E.A.T.E.R. or the harder stuff by Nyx Negativ, also like their contemporaries like Vendetta and Zetu.

Get it, this is hot shit!

Venuux – 1st Demo Tape

Venuux (although the transcription from the katakana is more like Benix) were a primitive raw punk band from the 2000s. No idea where they were from, how long they existed of what the name is supposed to mean, but I‘ll let the „music“ speak for itself. The longest song on this tape is 1:14, and the band recycled artwork from Protes Bengt (and of Strange Fruit’s Peel Session 12“es) on one of their releases. So now you know what you‘re in for!

Thrash Poisonous Obligation League!

Auto-Mod – Sadistic Dream 7″

Another one by Auto-Mod! Sadistic Dream, released in 1984, only has the title track on Side A and the „karaoke version“ on Side B. The quite „relaxed“ in style, I guess I‘d even go so far as to call it a New Wave rock song, hehe! There’s a „dreamy“ sax, a show-offy guitar solo, lots of reverb on the drums, you know what I mean… But I guess -judging from the title- the lyrics may have been a bit less relaxed.

To the Sadistic Dream!

Crow – Last Chaos LP

Last Chaos, the mighty Crow’s debut album, released in 1987. Musically the songs are still very clearly from Crow’s early phase: very simple, brutal, dark, crusty, abrasive and aggressive. The production is also very raw and lo-fi, very fitting for such a brutal and raw release.
This version here is a recent bootleg, for which the songs were cut from a pretty worn out original. So expect a lot of cracks, pops and additional distortion.

Give up all hope!

D.S.B. – Pure Cultivation 7″

An absolutely raging hardcore 7“! Three wild, fast, thrashing hardcore punk songs, a very clear production, tight playing, anything you could ask for! All in all the sound is a bit similar to their contemporaries Gouka, though DSB were less D-Beat and more thrash. Released in 2002, my version is the Euro pressing on Kangaroo records.