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Crow – Last Chaos LP

Last Chaos, the mighty Crow’s debut album, released in 1987. Musically the songs are still very clearly from Crow’s early phase: very simple, brutal, dark, crusty, abrasive and aggressive. The production is also very raw and lo-fi, very fitting for such a brutal and raw release.
This version here is a recent bootleg, for which the songs were cut from a pretty worn out original. So expect a lot of cracks, pops and additional distortion.

Give up all hope!

Crow – 血涙 LP

I guess I‘ll have a hard time describing this LP without sounding like a pathetic fanboy, but this album IS that good: evil, metallic, brutally powerful, dark and atmospheric. Even the slower parts of this album are just as full of incredible tension and power. A number of songs are re-recorded versions off previous releases. God Of Chaos, Give Up All Hope and A Door To An End are pretty similar to the older versions (though Give Up All Hope gained LOTS of power), while Anarchy, Chaos, Destruction is almost an entirely new (and also far more powerful) song when compared to the original. It also gained two minutes of feedback in the beginning to really kick off the album, hehe.

Metal Machine Music, anyone?

Crow – Hametsu No Haoto 12“

Now this is a truly heavy release by the masters of hardcore darkness! From the doves carrying Little Boys to the Genbaku Dome to the actual music, this 12“ is dark and evil as fuck. The title track Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction is an almost 7 minute monster of slow, dark, metallic hardcore, the 4 songs on side b also merge into one 7 minute track of high speed chaos (one is a re-recording of Last Chaos). Originally released in 2007 with a cover, this picture 12“ is the 2010 licensed pressing on Prank.

This is a masterpiece, you hear me?

Crow – Who Killed Dove 7″

Since I‘m not rich, this is only the recent bootleg of Crow’s first 7“. A lot rawer, more primitive and more direct than their later output, but already with the same darkness and despair.
I had already posted these songs on this bootleg compilation, but the 7“ comes in the original artwork with fold-out poster.

Yeah, I know that I recycled that lame joke about not being rich.

Crow – Neurotic Organisation 7″

Neurotic Organisation was released in 2001; its three Crow originals are typical later-era Crow tracks: dark, fast, heavy, metallic, sometimes somewhat „melodic“. They also recorded „Sanctuary“ by Amebix, reworking it in their own fast-paced style.

This way, please!

Crow – 終焉の扉 – The Door Of The End 12″

I can‘t help it, I‘m a huge Crow fan. I just love their mixture of dark, metallic melodies, apocalyptic hardcore and utter brutality. The only acceptable criticism of 1998’s 終焉の扉 12″ is that it’s too fucking short! But hell, if you want this kind of noise assault on a full-length, there’s always „Bloody Tear“ (even with a re-recorded version of this ep’s title track).

Get it, fucker!

Crow – 混沌神 7″

Crow released their 7″ „Kontonshin“ (God of Chaos) in 1998. It’s a far cry from the earlier material of theirs I have already posted. It is still dark, a lot tighter, more brutal and less simple d-beat – now they even play intros and stuff! You can hear a black metal influence in the harmonies of the title track, which was later rerecorded for their album „Bloody Tear“.

Don‘t worry: this is still Japan, not Norway!

v.a. You Can Set The Dove Free…

„You Can Set The Dove Free…“ is another one of those bootleg compilations that helps people save a shitload of money for the price of lower pretentious arseholeness. The Sexual’s 7″ flexi „The Last Days“ features really cool, somewhat underproduced, punky hardcore sung in the greatest and thickest japanese accent you could hope for. Great shit, and in my opinion the winner of this compilation. So What’s „Injustice“ 8″ flexi is even more lo-fi, with raw, primitive punk accompanied by a wobbly drummer. It has also recently been bootlegged as a vinyl 7″. Juuden Souchi’s singer on their „Deadline“ 7″ sounds like a rasping submachine gun: spitting out syllables faster than anybody should be able to! Last in line are Crow with their first 7″ „Who Killed Dove“. Like their tracks on „Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla“ they are not nearly as heavy and tight as they would become later on, but a lot more punk and primitive.

…But What About The Hawk?“

v.a. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla LP

Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla is a great compilation with a cool mix of different styles. It’s got great Burning Spirits hardcore by Death Side and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei), wild thrash by Nightmare and Raise Cain, total mayhem by SxOxB and dark d-beat by Crow (who were not nearly as heavy back then as they are now). This version is a german bootleg on the 大阪 records, who also released boots of SxOxB and Outo.

Better an eye of a thrash guerilla than an eye of a tiger…