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v.a. You Can Set The Dove Free…

„You Can Set The Dove Free…“ is another one of those bootleg compilations that helps people save a shitload of money for the price of lower pretentious arseholeness. The Sexual’s 7″ flexi „The Last Days“ features really cool, somewhat underproduced, punky hardcore sung in the greatest and thickest japanese accent you could hope for. Great shit, and in my opinion the winner of this compilation. So What’s „Injustice“ 8″ flexi is even more lo-fi, with raw, primitive punk accompanied by a wobbly drummer. It has also recently been bootlegged as a vinyl 7″. Juuden Souchi’s singer on their „Deadline“ 7″ sounds like a rasping submachine gun: spitting out syllables faster than anybody should be able to! Last in line are Crow with their first 7″ „Who Killed Dove“. Like their tracks on „Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla“ they are not nearly as heavy and tight as they would become later on, but a lot more punk and primitive.

…But What About The Hawk?“