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Manbiki Chocolate – Super Dimensional Hardcore LP

If you want to know just why Nattō rolls from 7-11 and Mobile Suit Gundam models are relevant to hardcore, download this LP. You‘ll find the answer in the detailed band history in the booklet. This compilation’s got Manbiki Chocolate’s first 8“ 万引伝説 Part-1 from 1990 (bootlegged here), outtakes from the 8“’s recording session, late 90s compilation and CD tracks plus unreleased songs.

Great name for a band, great name for an LP!

v.a. Tunes For Fucker Vol. 2

The second of three money saving compilations, and what a monster: it starts out with the untoppable of all releases: Zouo’s „The Final Agony“ 7″, which I‘ve already worshipped here. Next are Tranquilizer, who recorded their tracks with the aid of an out of tune guitar and a vacuum cleaner. With the exception of the intro style „Never go to war“ they all start and sound virtually identical and surely made Kuro ashamed of their tame niceness and clean sound! Manbiki Chocolate (Shoplifted Chocolate, what a great name!) are the closest thing to real music on this compilation. They have some melodies and actual structures in their songs, but are otherwise as fast and hardcore as the rest. Last are G-Spot who sound like that one night when you invited all your leather-jacketed, spiked and studded friends to your practice place, got wasted and then recorded the ideas from last week’s party on a boombox!

These tunes are for you, fucker!