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アナーキー – ’80維新 LP

Anarchy’s 2nd LP from 1980, released not long after their debut album. Stylistically it’s pretty similar to their S/T, but with more originals in place of the cover songs. Their roots and influences are still damn obvious though, the opener being so incredibly Capitol Radio… Today the LP’s title ’80 Restoration (as in Meiji Restoration) seems kind of weird/funny to me, considering this album sounds so damn 77 and not very 80s at all. But I‘m looking at it with a lot of hindsight bias, knowing what the 80s would later sound like; plus their 2 Tone-like influences were a lot more cutting edge back then.

Or maybe that almost-irony was just the point and I completely missed it? Hmm.

アナーキー – ノット・サティスファイド 7″

Anarchy’s first 7″ has the best two songs off of their debut LP –“Not satisfied“ and „Aburamushi“. It didn‘t even come with a regular cover, it only had a single sheet of paper with the picture on the front and lyrics on the back. What a killer album that LP would have been had they managed to write more songs like these two!

A dissatisfied parasite?

アナーキー – S/T LP

There’s not really much I can say about アナーキー (Anarchy), since I don‘t know very much about them. This is their first LP from 1980, which could have been a pretty cool album, if they had recorded some more original songs instead of a shitload of cover versions: songs by Stiff Little Fingers, Eater, The Clash (three times) and even (get this) Chuck Berry wound up on this LP. Too bad, since their own songs are actually cool and catchy 77 punkrock, though pretty outdated by 1980.

Johnny B. Goode