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Phaidia + Gilles De Rais – Split 7″

This split 7″ flexi has some really wild shit by Phaidia and Gilles De Rais. Japanese music magazine Marquee Moon released the single, and from the looks of it the flexi probably came with the magazine.
Phaidia’s track starts out with a 3+ minute long intro of atonal synths, quiet pianos and flutes before morphing into a great goth rock song (which keeps the synths, pianos and flutes).
Gilles de Rais -named after the french serial killer of children- is just as weird: a slow, dark 5 minute dirge of synths, drum machines, whining guitars and wild vocal effects.

Blue beard!

v.a. R.B.F. 1984 8″

R.B.F. 1984 is a weird little 8″ compilation ep with a mix of three chords punk, New Wave and Gothic. Kyah on Side A deliver two simple, snotty, bouncy punk rock songs and one slow, brooding gothic/death rock song. Besides these tracks they released a couple of 7″ and 12″ eps in the mid-eighties. Next are Haidiinatshu with two fun and very lo-fi, almost childlike wave numbers. The Loods on Side B sound like they should have been big in 78; they went on to release a huge number of singles and albums on R.B.F. Records. Last are Phaidia with two death rock songs, recorded live in good quality.

Yellow is the new red!

Phaidia – S/T flexi 7″

This single sided flexi from has two songs good quality live recordings of a Phaidia show in October 1984. One song („Demons In The Basement“) would later also be released on their In The Dark LP. If you‘re into Gothic and Death Rock…

…this is for you!