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Resurrection – ST LP

In 1986 Resurrection released their debut/sole/final album. While their 7“ on ADK records sounds a bit more punk to me, this album is darker in its sound, somewhere between depressive, very down-tempo punk and blunt, punk-inspired gothic rock. You be the judge.

The flanger’s a bit more subtle this time!

Resurrection – S/T 7″

I guess Resurrections 1985 S/T 7″ on ADK records can best be described as extremely minimalist punk. There are some definite gothic influences there, the tempo is slow, and the songs are kinda darkly melodic. The guitar sound reminds me a lot of the second Germs 7″; maybe Resurrection’s singer/guitarist forgot to get himself an amp for the recording session, too? In 1986 they also released a full length album with a more pronounced gothic sound.

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