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Gauze – Equalizing Distort 12“

THE album. Or at least its bootleg with bonus tracks from „Thrash Till Death“ and „A Farewell To Arms“.

THE (!) album.

Gauze – Fuck Heads LP

According to the Gauze’s band history on Kill From The Heart Gauze’s original mission statement was to play as fast as possible by giving the impression of playing fast without actually playing fast. Wow, wrap your head around that sentence! 1984’s release of the Fuck Heads LP was probably the result of this philosophy. It’s still a lot more punk, slower and less wild than 1986’s Equalizing Distort, and the song structures are still a bit more „conventional“, too. But Fuck Heads’s got a very interesting dark and heavy vibe, with a lot of power and anger in the songs.
This here is a recent bootleg release, which includes the songs off the incredibly expensive City Rockers compilation and off the Outsider LP.

Did you know that Gauze could smoke with their butts?

Gauze – S/T 7″

Gauze recorded this insane piece of noise during their 1996 tour of the USA. Most of the six tracks are re-recorded versions of songs off Equalizing Distort and 限界は何処だ. One new song was later re-released for the 1997 面を洗って出直して来い 12″. All songs are super-fast and feature Gauze’s typical weird and wild song structures.

Get it!

v.a. A Farewell To Arms

This compilation was originally released in 1986 with cover artwork featuring the Atomic Bomb Dome, but this here is the 1988 version on Nuclear Blast. Lipcream, Outo, Gauze and The Execute are featured with great thrash, Ghoul and Gastunk are more metallic. I especially love the tracks by Ghoul and Gauze.

I like Cola!

v.a. Thrash Til Death

With Lip Cream, Systematic Death, Outo and Gauze this compilation/4-way split is like a who’s who of japanese mid-eighties thrash bands. Even though I‘m not that big a Lip Cream fan, this whole record is completely chaotic, high-speed thrash & burn madness, with some of the best tracks these bands ever recorded. Hell yeah! This version is the US-release on Pusmort Records, and sadly came without an insert.

Thank you, Brilliant Naoki!