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愚鈍 – 卑下志望 7″

Higeshibou from 1986 was Gudon’s second release (after the noisy monster that is their 残忍聖者 7“ from the previous year). It’s another classic piece of japanese hardcore madness. Stoic violence on side a is a five minute (!) orgy of thrash with thumb-muted guitars, mid-tempo breakdowns and short metallic leads. On side b Leaden Love (鉛の愛) is another epic of (almost!) 5 minutes, a dark and monotonous monster of mid-tempo punk, while Burst Your Head is simple, fast and chaotic thrash. The sound is not yet as well produced as it would be on Howling Communication, but there are a lot less vacuum cleaners involved than on 残忍聖者.

Get it!

v.a. My Meat’s Your Poison LP

The My Meat’s Your Poison compilation from 1987 is nothing but classic high-speed thrash from start to finish. I‘m not going to waste your and my time describing every single band, after all I‘ve already posted releases by all of them: Outo, Chicken Bowels (misspelled on the cover as „Chiken Bowels“), Systematic Death, Gudon, S.O.B. and Lip Cream, they all rule! Still, S.O.B.’s hilarious and over the top cover of Blitzkrieg Bop deserves to be mentioned separately.

Sadly my copy of this record has no lyric sheet.

Gudon – Howling Communication 7″

What’s not to love about a band that names itself „Stupidity“? Well, maybe the kind ugly cover artwork on this 7″, but that’s about all. Howling Communication, released on Selfish Records in 1987, was Gudon’s third 7″. As the production values of their 7″es was continually increasing (their first 7″ sounds like it was recorded on a boombox), this one has a really cool -if somewhat bass-heavy- sound. Most of the songs are simple, maniacally fast thrash. All in all, Howling Communication is my favourite Gudon release.

No more Bloody Sleeping, it’s time for Howling Hate with the Power Of Dusk!