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The Willard – Punx Sing A Gloria 7“

The Willard’s 2nd 7“, released in 1983. All in all, it is still a bit rougher than their later, anthemic „The Damned go Japan“ style, but the direction is already there. On Side A the opener Soldier Song is fast paced but catchy, while Cos I Live is an aggressive, pounding mid-tempo number with melodic choruses and cool guitar harmonies, and Suicide Romance is quite hardcore in style. Side B opens with their anthem „Punx Sing A Gloria“ and closes with the catchy and melodic Voices. Afaik my version is a bootleg.

Sing A Gloria if you‘re a punk!

The Willard – Good Evening Wonderful Friend LP

The Willard released their classic debut album Good Evening Wonderful Friend in 1985 after a string of 7“es. It’s a treasure chest of melodic bombs like Jolly Rogers or Vanguard; especially Nightmare is such an incredibly beautiful, dark and melodic song it’s almost supernatural. If you don‘t love it, you‘ve got no heart!

No heart, you hear me?

The Willard – 3 Years 7“

According to discogs this flexi 7“ was a giveaway at the release show for Good Evening Wonderful Friend in 1985. It came in blue and red versions, my 7“ is a red one. Two tracks (3 Years and D-Day Or Lost Day) are re-recorded versions of songs on their first 7“ from 1982, La Caduta Degli Dei. The new recordings are a bit faster (of course) and the sound is a bit cleaner compared to the old 7“. The last track, Winter Song, is an instrumental which starts out slow and contemplative (or so), gets louder and faster before its noisy finale.

D-Day. Definitely.

The Willard – Lightning Scarlet 2×7″

Although three of four songs (two studio and two live) on this double 7“ were also released elsewhere, this record is definitely recommended. The title track was also on The Willard’s 2nd LP, Punx Sing A Gloria and Outlaw were both released as studio versions on the eponymous 7“es. Especially the (as far as I know) otherwise unreleased song Untouchable is a true killer track with awesome synth melodies, I was completely floored when I listened to it the first time!

We‘re the lightning, go west!

The Willard – Indies 12″ + Klan – S/T 7″

The Indies 12″ from 1986 (named liked this because it was released on Independent Records?) is a compilation of three earlier 7″es of The Willard: Outlaw from 1984, Vanguard and Congratulation from 1985. Two songs off these 7″es were released in different versions on the compilation The Punx – Street Movement.

Indies also comes with a solo 7″ by The Willard’s bassist Klan. In my opinion, the single’s A-Side is the total winner of this package: a totally awesome new wave rock song with sax and a slap bass solo!

Sing A Gloria (not on this comp)!

v.a. The Punx – ストリート・ムーヴメント

The Punx – Street Movement was originally released as a tape in 1985 with a huge 84 page book about the history of Japan’s punk scene. The compilation features songs by Gas, Laughin‘ Nose, new wave band The Willard, the hilarious Cobra (Worrier’s Rock? Or did they mean Warriors‘ Rock?), Lip Cream and GISM. One of the GISM tracks has a different song on each audio channel (can‘t these maniacs do anything like ordinary, well adjusted people?), but I separated the channels so you can listen to each song on its own. You‘re welcome!

C‘mon in Oi!