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ゴメス – Unaffected Nation 8“

Like their debut flexi 7“ from the year before, this 8“ from 1986 has three tracks of melodic, mid-tempo (and on the last track somewhat melancholic) punkrock. For some reason the a-side -“Unaffected Nation“- starts out with the wedding march as its intro, and the b-side’s catchy opener -called „To Hell“- has some chants of „Oi! Oi! Oi!“. A nation unaffected by weddings? To hell with Oi? Is that the meaning of this? I guess not. What’s a bit strange about this ep is the lengths of the songs: the first and the final track last more than 5 ½ minutes each, which is a bit much for simple punkrock.

Btw: no Beatles on this one!