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紅蜥蜴 – The Destroyer & Another Noise. 7″

Benitokage’s second single, released in 1977. Even though the band was still Benitokage by the time of this release, the record and sleeve may say Lizard & M(omoyo). No matter what the correct band name may be, this 7“ is definitely among the first japanese punk 7“es. Destroyer Side A is simple, fuzzed-out punk/protopunk; not very fast, but damn dirty and snotty, maybe comparable to bands like Crime? Kuroi Ningyou Tsukai on Side B is an earlier version of their posthumous LP’s opening track, a bit simpler, with more rock‘n'roll than funk. This version here is only a re-release from 2005, of course.

Two noises. You‘re welcome.

紅蜥蜴 – けしの華 LP

Before Lizard there was Benitokage (meaning „Red Lizard“). The band started some time in the early seventies and released two 7“es during their lifetime. This LP and the accompanying flexi 7“ from 1980 were released posthumously and compiled tracks from several recording sessions and live shows between 1976 and 1978. Benitokage were a lot more 70s proto-punk and glam; there’s some great pictures of theirs wearing semi-drag on the web. Musically the album is very diverse, a mix of funky rock, up-beat proto New Wave, some off-beat, some electro (Momoyo going solo!), you name it! Their synth already promises what Lizard were to keep, several of these songs would later be reworked to become Lizard tracks.

I hope I didn‘t fumble too badly describing their music… argh…

Enjoy some first class music after a mediocre description!