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遠藤ミチロウ – Terminal 12“

During and after The Stalin Endō Michirō released tons of records with tons of other bands. On 1987’s Terminal you can still find lots of punkrock, albeit in a wild mix of synth-laden psychedelia, new wave, rock and post-punk. A bit like on Transformer’s Manoeuvre, Terminal’s heavier songs sometimes remind me of PIL’s album. Also, there’s a terrifying reworking of trash*’s 溺愛 (smothering love, one of my favorite songs by The Stalin), which seems even more choking and oppressive, with its monotone and somewhat atonal piano „melody“. None of all the songs‘ lengths are below 4 minutes, with three songs cracking the 9 minute mark. The production is clean with prominent drums pounding out the same static, mid-tempo rhythms -sometimes without any variation or fills- for minutes on end. All in all a very dark and strange album, but also a very satisfying listen if one is open to all its twisted weirdness.

Oh, Marx!