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v.a. 東京ニューウエイヴ ’79 LP

Tōkyō New Wave ’79, the other one of the two classic, early compilations documenting Tōkyō’s punk and new wave scene of the late 70s. Compared to Tōkyō Rockers, New Wave has the less well known bands with Sex, Jisatsu, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. Of these, only 8 ½ released anything else during their original existence, though the members of all the bands went on to play in loads and loads of other groups.

Sex, Suicide, Pain, 8 ½ and Bolshie. There you go.

8 ½ – S/T 10“

8 ½ were one of the bands included on the Tōkyō New Wave ’79 compilation. These tracks were recorded in 1979, but only released posthumously in 85. The songs are synth-laden, more new wave than punk, with a certain rock‘n'roll influence coming through. Seriously: I can‘t stop myself from humming Twist and Shout over the opener Shounentachi. These recordings were also released as an LP with one extra track, which I assume is the one off their single-sided flexi 7“ called Mémoire. After playing in 8 ½, the band members were active in a load of experimental/avantgarde groups like Guernika, Hikashu or Yapoos.

Well, shake it up, baby, now!