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Age – Survive 7“

Rotting skeletons, tearing out their own hearts while climbing on a dove (?) and holding on to a Flying V! The cover on this 7“ from 2010 is definitely an improvement compared to that one, he. The music’s still the same: heavy, fast, metallic crust with the most throaty-voiced and choking singer you could wish for.

Important to know: The Flying V started out as a blues guitar.

AGE – The Spider Rules Your Emotions 7″

AGE, meaning Armed Government’s Error, released this 7″ full of heavy, metallic, crusty hardcore in 2002. The songs are fast, with lots of guitar shredding, some stop and go or mid-tempo mosh parts thrown in. Don‘t judge this 7″ by its cover, as the music is cool. The spider kind of reminds me of the weird stuff Purgen put on their album covers in the 2000s. Hmm.

If the spider rules my emotions, does the spider make me a monster?