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The Sexual – The Last Days / Antiseptic – First-Last 12″

Those interested in getting some of The Sexual’s output on vinyl should avoid this LP. Their tracks come from a lousy old copy of „The Last Days“ which skipped like hell, plus one song is missing. There’s also only one track off the Jisatsu Omnibus compilation. So you‘ll have some listening pleasure I didn‘t record the songs off this LP, but I included the tracks off the original compilation and this bootleg. Actually, all of their official releases plus some cool unreleased songs have recently been bootlegged on LP, so one can get them all in better quality than here.
Now for Antiseptic: their songs on this LP were all taken off their only release, 1986’s „First-Last“ 7“. To my ears there’s definitely some Zouo, The Mobs and The Bones in these songs, also loads of quality metal guitar riffing and tapping.

Last Days, First Last – The Antiseptic Sexual!