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v.a. Violence – A Japanese HC Compilation 8″

Released in 1998 on Six Weeks, Violence – A Japanese HC Compilation was something of a follow-up to the first Six Weeks Omnibus 8″ compilation. Stylistically the bands are typical nineties thrashy hardcore: Real Reggae, Nice View, Argue Damnation, No Think, Flash Gordon and One Size Fits All feature a very lo-fi production and deliver lots of blastbeats.

Real Reggae must be the best band name of all time!

v.a. 反新安保 Compilation 7″

Hanshinanpo (basically „Against the new US/japanese security treaty“, just as it says on the cover) must have been released some time in the late 90s or early 2000s as a benefit compilation for a japanese pacifist organisation. Musically all bands are pretty lo-fi, crusty, thrashy or blast-beaty (is that a word?). Argue Damnation’s title track is the most catchy, Youth Strike Chord are the fastest (and sound like they‘re most competent), Victims Of Greed are the most lo-fi and Absent have the longest song. Now you know.