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Assault – ST 7“

Released in 1999 on Loud Hatred Records, this is Assault’s 1st 7“. The three songs on their debut are powerful, kind of anthemic and catchy hardcore, with some cool guitar harmonies and background chants. They definitely split up too soon, before they could release a full length album. Damn.

Get is, this is great shit.

Assault – S/T 12″

This 12“ from 2004 is the Partners In Crime pressing of Assault’s self-titled CD which had originally been released on HG Fact. Side A is somewhat similar to the wonderful „Martyrdom“: wild hardcore with crazy guitar leads and harmonies. The opener of Side B „The End Of Silence“ is a slow, 7 ½ minute long and almost tragedyesque epos, followed by two simpler, faster stompers.

That’s it for this year. See you in 2017.

Assault – Martyrdom 7″

Is it too lazy of me to simply call this 2001 release of Assault „7 inches of awesome Burning Spirits hardcore“? It probably is, so I‘ll try a little harder: the title track „Martyrdom“ is a four minute epos complete with „melodic“ thrashing, a melancholy bridge and a great, show-offy solo. The tracks on side B are one thrasher of almost two minutes and one dark, ominous monster with kinda complex song structures. Still to lazy? Damn.

But why did they use greek letters?