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Chaotix – Broaden Your Horizons 7“

This 7“ from 2003 was Chaotix‘ first vinyl release. They played catchy US-influenced HC, maybe a bit like the Biscuits, only rougher and with more thrashing. I don‘t know if they were sXe, but the positivity and anti-smoking songs might be a hint there, or maybe not.

Fuck‘in Poisute Smoker!

v.a. Hardcore Inferno

„Hardcore Inferno“ is a quite the appropriate title for this compilation LP (especially the Inferno part) which came out in 2010. Death Dust Extractor, Deathtribe, Tantrum, Krossa, Disturd, Isterismo and Sacrifice all deliver raging lo-fi brutality between stenchcore, käng, crasher crust and rawpunk; ADA†MAX and Chaotix are among the more inventive bands on this comp, and Skizophrenia!’s hectic chaos was the very reason I bought this record.

Destroy The Last Line In Madness!