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U.G. Man & Chärm – Some Secret Split 12“

I‘ll save myself the trouble to try and describe this album. I had posted Charm before, and the U.G. Man Side has to be heard to be believed.

To quote Dr. Zoidberg: „Such noises!“

Charm – Shikami 7″

On their second 7″, released in 2004, Charm manage to top the songs per minute ratio of their first one: it’s 10 songs in 9 minutes this time! Otherwise there aren‘t too many differences. The songs are fast as hell, the songs structures are wild and adventurous, and I still feel sorry for the singer’s vocal chords.

Get it!

Charm – Hito 7″

Seven songs in seven minutes: on their first 7″ from 2000 Charm deliver the wildest, noisiest thrash one could hope for. The recording is great and raw, the drumming is wild and wobbly, and the singer must have been hoarse after recording the first half of the first song.

THIS is what music must sound like!