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v.a. Godzilla – A Japanese Hardcore Compilation

Wow, what a „creative“ name for a japanese hardcore compilation! All sarcasm aside, the bands on this bootleg compilation are all top notch: Side A starts off with the only release by Brain Death, their „Personal Affair“ 7″ from 1987. Raging blast beats with a high pitched singer who could be male, female or fuck off! Next is the Chicken Bowels‘ classic 7″ „Keep Our Fire Burning“ with angry, ultra-fast and somewhat melodic US-influenced hardcore anthems. Side B features the rawest stuff on this LP, Googol Plex‘ only 7″ titled „Nail A Lie To The Counter“ from 1987. Just as wild and blasting as Brain Death, but with a barking shouter and a noisier production. Last are The Clay, whose primitive and stomping 7″ Middle East Combat Area can also be found here. In addition to the tracks of the 7″ this bootleg also features their songs from the Great Punk Hits Compilation.

Warum kommst du nicht vorbei und zerstörst Hilpoltstein?

The Clay – Middle East Combat Area 7″

Except for their tracks on the Hold Up Omnibus 8″ and the Great Punk Hits Compilation, The Clay only released this 7″ in the time when they were active. The tracks are cool, primitive hardcore stompers with some metallic palm muting and rock solos thrown in. Judging from the picture on the backcover, it seems The Clay’s politics were sadly exactly as one dimensionally anti-imperialist as many of their contemporaries‘…

The Middle Last Combat Area?

v.a. Great Punk Hits LP

Just what can you expect of a compilation named „Great Punk Hits“? Exactly what it says on the tin: GISM deliver two tracks of completely distorted, fuzzy and hissing metallic hardcore; The Execute songs are fast and melodic with some metal guitars (just like their first 7″); The Clay are great, primitive political hardcore punk; Aburadako are weird and awesome (sadly the record skips on one of their songs); G-Zet are simply great with one heavy hardcore track and one instrumental song; Laughin‘ Nose are forgettable as always.

Did I mention how great these punk hits are?

v.a. Hold Up Omnibus 8″

The Hold Up Omnibus 8″ is a compilation of live recordings with Systematic Death, Ghoul, The Clay and Gastunk. The tracks by Systematic Death are all available as studio versions on different 7″es and compilations, as is one song by Ghoul. The Gastunk songs are (as far as I know) otherwise unreleased, just like all the songs by The Clay. Sadly the recording quality is mostly mediocre, but The Clay are absolutely great on this record. Really primitive, powerful stompers of straightforward political hardcore.

8 inches of noise!