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The Comes – Power Never Die 12″

When you compare The Comes‘ LP „Power Never Die“ to their first 12″ you‘d think these were two completely different bands. If you couldn‘t tell from the cover photo, The Comes changed from super-fast and wild thrash to a very eighties heavy metal sound. They‘ve still got a lot of power, attitude and punky moments, and even though I prefer „No Side“ I still like this record a lot. Others may disagree, though.

„People don‘t know how to use their brains…“

v.a Outsider LP

The Outsider compilation LP on City Rocker Records was one of the earliest japanese hardcore releases. It’s all live recordings, so it’s a pretty raw affair. Side A has an all-star line-up of GISM, Gauze, Lip Cream (nope, it’s Laughin‘ Nose. Thanks for pointing that out, Fernando!) and The Comes, while Side B features the more obscure post-punk/wave bands Mastervation, Fullx, Route 66 and Madame Edwarda. The LP comes with artwork in the style of Crass Records and a huge fold-out poster designed by GISM’s Sakevi.

Hog Punks! Well?

GISM + The Comes – Split LP

Detestation by GISM and No Side by The Comes on one bootleg record! This means

- Death growls versus versus banshee shrieks!
- The heaviest metal versus the angriest thrash!
- Legend against legend!

What are you waiting for?