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Confuse – Nuclear Addicts 7“

Song-wise it’s not really necessary posting this boot of Confuse’s legendary first 7“. All of its songs were already on this bootleg LP, so it’s mostly for the artwork. Also, these versions are a bit lower pitched and slower compared to the LP (and to the ones on 2012’s Hate War No War Fuckin‘ War bootleg), I‘m not really sure which ones are right.

That’s the bootlegging business for you…

Confuse – ST Bootleg LP

This record is one more indication that Confuse might really be „the most widely bootlegged Japanese band“. It compiles the tracks off the „Nuclear Addicts“ flexi, „Stupid Life“ 12″, „Kill The…“ bootleg 7″, Jisatsu Omnibus 8″, „Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie“ 7″, „Death To A God“ bootleg 7″, „Atrocious Madness“ bootleg 7″ plus tracks off some CD bootlegs: a bootleg of originals and other bootlegs!
The booklet also mentions the „Spending Loud Night“ 7″, but the tracks on this LP are different versions.

Bootlegged at the bootleg…

v.a. Jisatsu Omnibus 8″

I have no idea whether this awesome compilation has an „official“ name, since none can be found on the cover, labels etc. Usually it’s called the Jisatsu Omnibus (自殺オムニバス), after the label that released it. Confuse and The Sexual are the „bigger“ names on the compilation: Confuse deliver their trademark hissing, fuzzy and overdriven distortion insanity, while The Sexual sound pretty similar to their ep „The Last Days“: cool, simple and somewhat melodic hardcore. The B-Side starts out with 自我 (Jiga, sometimes spelled Ziga), the second band of Gas‘ original singer. They play hardcore in the same vein as The Sexual, just a little bit more primitive sounding. Last are M-78, a project by band members of Ghoul, Gastunk, Systematic Death and Gas, who are a lot more metallic than the rest and never released anything else.

Why was the 8″ format popular in Japan, and seemingly nowhere else?

Confuse – Spending Loud Night 7″

It’s time for another one of the legendary Kyūshū noise-core bands. The Kill From The Heart page calls Confuse „the most widely bootlegged Japanese band“ which I‘ll gladly believe, since this version of their „Spending Loud Night“ 7″ is a boot, too. These recordings from 1983 or 1984 are the rawest and noisiest which Confuse have ever released. Judging from the sound, they probably come from a demotape which they later (1987) released on vinyl. Anyway, you‘ll get three intense songs of thrashing madness and the weird partysong „Spending Loud Night“.

It’s one louder!