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Crude – Attitude 12“

Crude’s best one? It’s hard to say, since Crude have been around for more than 20 years and released such a lot of full-lengths, EPs and splits. Plus it’s always easy to call the early, „defining“ releases the best ones, especially when today’s Crude are kinda different in style and sound from late 90s Crude… Anyways, Attitude’s opening track Stand & Fight Again is one of my favorite songs of theirs, so that’s that!

Still their best one…

Crude + Grass – Hakodate City HC 7″

Oh yeah: this 7“ from 1996 on MCR Company contains the very first songs by the mighty Crude. Their songs are already very much in the style of what was to come later on, just a little bit less refined. Grass were a lot rougher: aggressive, lo-fi hardcore with a lot of screaming and shouting. So lo-fi in fact, that one channel kind of fades in and out during the songs. As far as I know they didn‘t release much more than this ep and compilation tracks.

Hakodate City HC!

Crude – 1999 12″

I can only find overused and terribly cliché words to describe Crude’s first 12″ EP from 1999, like „rocking“ or „anthemic“, but how is it my fault that they‘re so fitting? After roughly 20 years Crude are still around, releasing records and touring overseas. Their records are also still widely available, so if you can afford them, you know that to do!

Have ambition in mind!