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Toxic Noise + Damnable Excite Zombies! – Kick Out The Real Pain Split 7“

Toxic Noise and The Damnable Excite Zombies! (exclamation mark! Yeah!) released this split 7“ in 1993. (As I happened to write before) Both bands remind me of Nightmare’s sound during the eighties: played at breakneck speed, catchy, not quite melodic songs, with almost singalong crew shouts.

Kick out the real pain!

Damnable Excite Zombies! – Suck Your Soul 7″

The Damnable Excite Zombies! from the early nineties are another band that I don‘t know a whole lot about, maybe except that they had a really cool name. The music sounds a lot like early Nightmare: damn fast thrash with cool breaks and the occasional guitar wank. In addition to this 7″ from 1991 the released two more splits and a couple of compilation tracks.

A band name with an exclamation mark? Fuckin‘ A!