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v.a. Fear

I have to admit I got his compilation mostly to get the rest of Danse Macabre’s vinyl output. All told this comp is pretty heavy shit. On side A, the Rapes (why the hell pick THAT as the name for your band?) are vicious crossover thrash, the songs by Griffin are more diverse, fast thrashing, mid-tempo rocking, and slower, heavy shit. On side B, Danse Macabre offer their own, unique take at heavy, menacing, downtempo darkness, (including a cover version of … Born To Be Wild?), while K.G.G.M. are the most punkrock group on this comp, doing a cover The Ramones‘ I Don‘t Care in japanese as Ōkina Osewa (they did more Ramones covers on their other records).
There’s also a CD-version of this comp which has more tracks by Rapes, K.G.G.M and Danse Macabre (is Think About Death the same version as on their 7“?).

There’s still too many of us…

Danse Macabre – S/T 7″

Danse Macabre were founded by Cherry of Zouo after his return from the USA, where he had joined Half Life as a second singer. Playing shows with Samhain influenced him to start a band in a somewhat similar vein, so Danse Macabre’s songs turned out slower and less over the top than Zouo’s, but with similarly darkness-, death- and horror-themed lyrics. Of course they sound nothing like Samhain; Danse Macabre’s songs are far more primitive and blunt, and comparing Cherry’s Zouo-style voice to Danzig’s crooning… This self-titled 7″ from 1988 is their first release.

Get it and think about death!