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Daston – Plow Through Now 7“

This 7“ from 1998 seems to be the only vinyl release of Daston aside from their split 7“ with the mighty Gouka. These songs here are less noisy, atonal and frantic than the ones on the split, there are even some primitive melodies creeping in. Here they kind of remind me of a slower D.S.B.

Keep up on attack!

Daston + Gouka – Continuously Attack Of Endless Shock Split 7“

This split 7“ from 1996 was the first vinyl release for Daston and Gouka, both bands had released demos and a split tape before, though. Gouka are not yet as tight and definedly d-beat compared to their later releases, their songs are faster and thrashier on this record. Daston are more on the crusty side, with a singer who sounds a bit like D.O.N.D.O.N.’s Yoshikawa.

Endless shock!