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Death Side – Wasted Dream LP

Death Side’s first LP from 1989, one of the (many) true classics of japanese hardcore, and a defining record of the Burning Spirits style. The first time I listened to it, I was pretty overwhelmed by just how relentlessly fast, driving and powerful it is. There is not a single calm moment on the whole record, the playing is frantic yet monstrously tight, and the songs are among the best shit ever written by any japanese band. Period.

This version is the bootleg from the early 2010s, so the sound is a littled bit muffled and the print quality is okayish. Too bad there was a skip in the VERY FIRST SONG of the original record.

Have you looked into mirror yet?

Death Side – The Will Never Die 7″

Death Side’s penultimate release, just as awesome as the rest. The title track is an anthemic smash-hit of Burning Spirits hardcore (oh damn, can I really say that?), the two following tracks on side b are faster, rawer, more primitive, no less great.

Never! Got it?

Death Side – Satisfy The Instinct 7″

Death Side’s legendary first 7“ from 1988, the (!) classic record of Burning Spirits hardcore! The songs on this 7″ were still a bit simpler and not yet as heavy, the production rawer and Chelsea’s guitar playing not yet as over the top as on later records, still this record destroys anything and everything in its path!

Over nice, all you silly ass!

v.a. Smashing Odds Ness!! 8″

Seems like somebody was pretty quick smashing the Odds Ness label, since they never got to release more than two compilations. Lame jokes aside, their first 8″ from 1987 fucking kills! Idora open Side A with simple, no-frills hardcore driven by a rumbling bass, Don Don follow up with primitive, super-fast thrash with a raspy-voiced singer. Side B has Mink Oil, who sound like they forced their singer to record 20 takes before they were satisfied; next are Crück, the greatest thrashers on earth who never had a record of their own, followed by Death Side with „Stick And Hole“, the first song ever released by the best band of all best bands: super fast shit with great heavy metal intro and interludes.

Smash it up!

Death Side – All Is Here Now 7′‘

I guess there is no point in debating about the best Death Side release, but their 1994 „All Is Here Now“ 7″ is definitely a top contender. Unbelievable power, aggression and anger, great songs, an almost scarily tight performance, „All Is Here Now“ definitely has it all! Plus, how can you top a 7″ cover where a smiling guy rips out his own entrails?

You can‘t!

v.a. Game Of Death LP

This 4-band compilation LP is 50% japanese hardcore, 50% thrash metal. On the A-Side, Poison Arts and Death Side deliver the HC, while Final Bombs and the last incarnation of Ghoul are responsible for the metallic B-Side. Death Side’s „Beast In Hell“ ist one of my favourite tracks of theirs. The backcover shows some great eighties hair in Ghoul and the Poison Arts, and has the singer of Death Side dressed completely in tattered rags!

It also proves that the Final Bombs‘ drummer had bad taste in t-shirts!

v.a. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla LP

Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla is a great compilation with a cool mix of different styles. It’s got great Burning Spirits hardcore by Death Side and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei), wild thrash by Nightmare and Raise Cain, total mayhem by SxOxB and dark d-beat by Crow (who were not nearly as heavy back then as they are now). This version is a german bootleg on the 大阪 records, who also released boots of SxOxB and Outo.

Better an eye of a thrash guerilla than an eye of a tiger…

Death Side – The Will Never Die Vol. 1

Death Side were such giants! How many bands have managed to name an entire genre of music with one of their songs? This LP features their songs off the compilation albums Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla, Smashing Odds Ness, Game Of Death, Hang The Sucker Vol. II and their first 7″ Satisfy The Instict.

Satisfy your instinct and get it!