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Deathtribe + Kriegshög – Split 7“

In Crust We Thrash released this monster by Kriegshög and Deathtribe in 2008: two times completely over the top distortion to deafness manic d-beat, absolute madness! The Kriegshög side is nuttier and wilder, Deathtribe are a bit crustier. It’s better check it out yourselves than to let me keep blathering!

Play loud & die!

v.a. Hardcore Inferno

„Hardcore Inferno“ is a quite the appropriate title for this compilation LP (especially the Inferno part) which came out in 2010. Death Dust Extractor, Deathtribe, Tantrum, Krossa, Disturd, Isterismo and Sacrifice all deliver raging lo-fi brutality between stenchcore, käng, crasher crust and rawpunk; ADA†MAX and Chaotix are among the more inventive bands on this comp, and Skizophrenia!’s hectic chaos was the very reason I bought this record.

Destroy The Last Line In Madness!