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D.S.B. – Pure Cultivation 7″

An absolutely raging hardcore 7“! Three wild, fast, thrashing hardcore punk songs, a very clear production, tight playing, anything you could ask for! All in all the sound is a bit similar to their contemporaries Gouka, though DSB were less D-Beat and more thrash. Released in 2002, my version is the Euro pressing on Kangaroo records.


D.S.B. – No Fight No Get. 7″

This is the re-release on Deranged Records of D.S.B.’s first 7″ from 1996. The four songs remind me of Nightmare’s early stuff: Super fast, kind of catchy (if you consider this an appropriate term) with some guitar harmonies and cool shouts in the choruses.

Yes, there’s a period at the end of the title…