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Disarray – 1982-1986 LP

This compilation LP has Disarray’s two classic self-titled 7“es (from 1984 on ADK Records and 1985 on Chicken Shit Records) plus two demo tapes. The tracklist on the record is wrong though, the song Dolly Bird on the second tape is missing on the LP.
The comp originally came out in Japan in 2008 on CD, this LP is the 2014 release on Black Water.


Disarray – S/T 7″

Let’s look at Disarray’s 1984 S/T flexi 7″ objectively: the cover’s black & white, the band photo on the inside looks like it was taken from the Varukers‘ „Led To The Slaughter EP“, the band name starts with „Dis-“, plus it’s japanese hardcore.
Luckily, this is ADK Records, so we get quality and don‘t have to put up with tedious Discharge clones. Disarray deliver driving hardcore in ADK’s typical lo-fi sound, have cool guitar licks and know how to rock when they have to!

Bombed-out people die!